When I was young, and I needed medical care, a kind hearted doctor helped me get better. I understand the importance of helping children and mothers especially since they are the most vulnerable elements of the society. I was on my own from early childhood, without the comforts of traditional lifestyle. I realised early on that healthy children and elderly are an essential component of any society.

Today a team of leading healthcare professionals have joined me and Friends for Good Health, and travel across the globe to provide necessary medical services in the most affected regions of the world.

This team includes selfless and dedicated professionals, who have shared my vision of helping children and mothers to live a better life, because we share a common belief, “Yes they can, if given a chance to live better and healthier life”.

These doctors have the experience of more than thirty years, serving the community in need.

Lets join in our efforts for a better tomorrow, by serving and assisting in Good health, and there is no better gift you can give to a humanity than a healthy community.

I thank you all, for making my vision into our vision. To see some of the work we have done please visit Friends for Good Health.

God Bless all of you.

Bobby Kalotee

Bobby K. Kalotee is a charismatic and hard working individual...

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When I was young, and I needed medical care,

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Our great nation faces unique and difficult challenges at this time

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Mr. Kalotee was a guest speaker several times

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