blog 18 May 2020

Tribute to NUMC.

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Diane Venezia Livingston of Port Washington coordinated the food and delivery through the group called #PortSupPort, which has been co-run by me, Jessica Miller and Kerian Czarkowski.  We raised $40,000 and sent over 10,000 meals to various hospitals and the Port Washington Ambulance Crews. The donation money was raised through the “Port Washington Parents” facebook group.  We have a separate facebook group called Helping NSUH and St. Francis with Staff Meals.  You can follow much of what we have done there.In coordinating this delivery, I asked Port Washington Schreiber student Emily Milgrim of Friends of the Frontline to have the community make thank you cards.I both purchased, as well as had a large portion of the meals donated by Smashburger of Port Washington.Port Washington Mom, Shari Scharlat had hundreds of you are a hero bracelets made and she helped me deliver the meals.I asked Friars feed the Frontlines, which is run by Lisa and Lauren Colletta and Maria and Ferde Carillo to donate the cookies.Josephine Jungkunst coordinated with Frank of Brooklyn Delights to donate hundreds bags of chips and boxes of croissants.Lisa and Phillip Colletta donated the car washes.