About Me

Bobby K. Kalotee is a charismatic and hard working individual who has grown from a simple beginning to a respected individual in our society, an entrepreneur who worked his way up from a bus boy to an owner of many successful businesses. He is Chairman of Queens County Reform party and Chairman of Friends For Good Health. Mr. Kalotee is also a Major in the New York State Guard, Division of Military and Naval Affairs and a General in the United States Disaster Relief Command. Mr. Kalotee has received an Honorary Doctoral (Science) Degree from NY Institute of Technology.

Mr. Kalotee is a family man with five children. He is an accomplished author and publisher, he produced two books entitled “Ireland Today” and “India Today”.

Mr. Kalotee in his role of Special UN Envoy was a guest speaker several times at both the United Nations assembly hall in New York and in Geneva speaking on the issues of education and health to the world community. Mr. Kalotee speaks five languages fluently.