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Bobby K. Kalotee is a charismatic and hard working individual who has grown from a simple beginning to a respected individual in our society, an entrepreneur who worked his way up from a bus boy to an owner of many successful businesses. He is Chairman of Queens County Reform party and Chairman of Friends For Good Health. Mr. Kalotee is also a Major in the New York State Guard, Division of Military and Naval Affairs and a General in the United States Disaster Relief Command. Mr. Kalotee has received an Honorary Doctoral (Science) Degree from NY Institute of Technology.

Mr. Kalotee is a family man with five children. He is an accomplished author and publisher, he produced two books entitled “Ireland Today” and “India Today”.

Mr. Kalotee in his role of Special UN Envoy was a guest speaker several times at both the United Nations assembly hall in New York and in Geneva speaking on the issues of education and health to the world community. Mr. Kalotee speaks five languages fluently.

While serving as the Chairman Independence Party of Nassau County, Bobby was a Vice Chairman of New York State Independence Party, National Executive Director of the Independence Party of America. He was a former Trustee of NYS University at Stony Brook and was Vice Chairman of the Republican Party of Nassau County from 1994 to 2005. A friendly and passionate person who loves and respects the people very dearly; he is the recipient of numerous awards. Currently he is the founder and International chairman of Friends for Good Health whose mission is “there is no better gift that you can give to humanity than good health”.

He met with a number of Heads of State ( United States, India, Ireland, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, El Salvador, Ecuador, Chile, Brazil, Honduras, Taiwan, Bangladesh to name a few) for one on one meetings. He is also big a fan of football, ice hockey, baseball and basketball to name a few. Many sports personalities such as Michael Strahan, Justin Tuck, Jack Brewer, Brandon Jacob, Shan O’Hara, Giants; David Clowney, James Ihedigbo, Mark Sanchez, Jets; Marion Barber, Cowboys; Tom Brady, Laurence Maroney: Patriots; and many more as well as religious leaders such as the Dalai Lama, Cardinals and other spiritual leaders are his friends and acquaintances.

As the International Chairman of Friends for Good Health, Mr. Kalotee has taken annual trips to multiple countries with a group of doctors to treat his “brothers and sisters” of the world. He has made many trips to his adopted home of El Salvador which is his favorite place to visit and treat those that cannot afford treatment. Mr. Kalotee organizes medical camps and brings medicine and doctors to several areas. When the floods hit El Salvador he was there delivering food and other supplies to the ravaged people. Bobby has sent thousands of toys to El Salvador, in Sonsonate, San Salvador, San Miguel and many other places. In America, he is always helping citizens in need, to fight for their rights. Mr. Kalotee organizes medical camps and brings medicine and doctors where needed. Mr. Kalotee believes the best gift that you can give is unconditional help in providing education and good health to another human being, for a better today and tomorrow.

As the co-chair of Toys for Tots sponsored by the U. S. Marines, Mr. Kalotee was joined by Major Chuck Kilbride and Chairman Richard Grasso to ring the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange.

Bobby K. Kalotee is a charismatic and hard working individual...

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When I was young, and I needed medical care,

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Mr. Kalotee was a guest speaker several times

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